lotus love journey


Cornelia Jecklin: Composition and concept. Vocals, Drums, Gongs, Percussion and Tamboura
Wolfgang Puschnig: Flute and Alto Saxophone
Stefen Kent: Didgeridoo
Conrad Schrenk: Guitar
Wolfgang Reisinger: Drumset
Thomas Wollner: The art of recording and cutting

This CD invites you to enter a space of warmth and security!

The music is rhythmically multifaceted and highly diverse.

The mantras on this recording have accompanied me throughout my life and nourish my soul as bread nourishes my body. They are a source of power. The middle of the CD contains “Journey the Soul”. This drumming is best listened to lying down so that it carries you into a deep inner space.

“May the pure light of wisdom illuminate all levels of my consciousness. May my soul grow in this light so that I will never again be separated from it.” Translation of: “Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung”

Price: 26.00 CHF (includes domestic shipping)