Ta Ke Ti Na - RHYthm for evolution

Rhythmical Learning for feeding body, brain and soul...

Rhythmic learning is always human learning too!

Learning is anchored in the network of hearing, feeling and moving through spoken rhythm syllables and body movement.

TaKeTiNa …

  • builds trust in the supporting power of life
    strengthens self-confidence
  • teaches healthy handling of “making mistakes”
  • releases inner fears
  • promotes good communication
  • networks the brain hemispheres as well as different brain regions, and leads to a relaxed, expanded perception and presence

The work starts with the body. In the further course, simple percussion instruments can be included.

Drum lessons with Buk or Tschanggo, Berimbao, Conga or Surdo are also possible.

Please feel free to contact me for more information: cornelia@corneliajecklin.ch

Sessions are held in the heart of Zurich