Shamanic Drumming

Healing and Regeneration

This healing work activates your natural ability to regenerate spiritually and physically. Your inner healing powers are noticeably activated. The resulting connection with your harmonized energetic body lets you continue to work further at home.

These healing sessions can create discernibly positive changes in your spiritual, mental and physical well-being. They are meant to be enjoyed passively, yet leave you invigorated and regenerated.

I increasingly see the benefits of this work for people who suffer from physical or mental symptoms, or who are just overworked.

If you are experiencing physical or mental symptoms, I recommend booking 3 sessions held within a short time span.

Treatment process:

  1. We start with a sequence of grounding exercises.
  2. You lie on the massage table fully clothed and receive an energy treatment that harmonizes your spiritual and physical energy.
  3. I then drum for you for 20 minutes at a pulse of 4.5 Hertz on a large shamanic drum with a full, wonderful sound.
  4. This is followed by a period of silence for feeling the aftereffects of the treatment. You then have the opportunity to discuss your experience in order to further integrate it.

What is shamanistic drumming?

Rhythm is the vibrating primordial cause of creation and permeates all areas – the manifest, the subtle and the immaterial. To synchronize ourselves in rhythm means to be connected with the deepest matrix of being. This is where we are at home, where we are whole, and where we are in touch with our own source of deep wisdom, love and simplicity. This is where deep regeneration and self-healing powers are mobilized.

This form of shamanic drumming is very old. Its purpose is essentially to open the self for the power of synchronization.

This drumming connects us with the original moment of creation, a pure pulse of approximately 4.5 beats per second. This pulse of 4.5 Hertz corresponds with the theta waves in our brain. The more theta waves we experience, the deeper is our state of relaxation, which very quickly harmonizes the vagus nerve. This is healthy and nourishes our being.

We generally do not fall asleep in this theta state because the sound of the drum keeps us awake. We do, however, slip into a state of expanded consciousness in which solutions, images and insights seemingly come from nowhere.

I look forward to hearing from you!

1,5 hour session – 180 CHF 

in Zürich