Universal Healing Tao Practice

Energy & Balance

  •  Micro Cosmic Orbit
  • Meditation Inner Smile
  • Work of inner Alchemy with the organs / 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood)
  • Healing sounds
  • Qi Gong
  • Healing Love – cultivating Sexual Energy:
    • Taoist Tantra for men & women
    • Practice with “Yoni Egg” for women
  • Fusion “the Inner Alchemy” for converting emotional energy into pure energy essence

All Tao Practices come from the same culture as chinese medicine or acupuncture. They are based on a view that all of us are perfectly integrated in the cosmos and in nature, and that all nourishing forces penetrate and inhabit us. Yet, this working and flowing of the universal energy needs the conscious care and support through our consciousness for our wellbeing and strength.

Here you learn a practice to nourish ourselves daily with the responsibility to live in balance, flow and joy.

This work is suitable for everyone who wants to move and develop independently with the vital force / energy. This work also helps people with high sensitivity and “awakening symptoms” to ground themselves well and to integrate the internal energetic and emotional processes.

You can check “Workshop / Events” or book me for single sessions at cornelia@corneliajecklin.ch