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Gastworkshop: Be authentic and free! Singing Freedom

7. December 2018 / 20:009. December 2018 / 17:00


With Igor Olivier Ezendam & Arianna Benedetta Artioli

Cornelia Jecklin has the pleasure of inviting you to Switzerland:

“Bringing Igor and Arianna to Zurich to offer this workshop comes from my heart. I had the great joy to work and and share time with Igor and Arianna on their amazing „Katikia Music Farm ̈ on Corfu (Greece).
The highly transformative and integrative work and presence they share is deeply healing and empowering. You are guided and held in hands-on journeys where you feel your authentic being and experience within your own awareness what it means to live a free life and act authentically from your heart and truth. You feel how it is „you“ to be home in the pure frequency of your soul’s love and consciousness who creates „reality“ in this life. You feel so clear that it is your responsibility to come forward and live your natural truth and beauty. You feel that the resonance you wish to attract into your life happens if you are visible, tangible and audible from the inside out.“ Cornelia Shaktiandana Jecklin

Come and participate in this workshop and let Igor and Arianna hold space and give guidance for your blossoming! This workshop will be held in english.

Igor Oliver Ezendam

He is a vocalist, voice-coach and deep process guide born in Amsterdam.He is inspiredby Tuvan (Mongolian), Tibetan, Su , Nativ American, African and Aboriginal freestyle singers. His deep transformative work opens people into their true expression and „Self“- awareness with working elements from voice, aikido, systemic constellation work andmore.

From his heart he comments:
„Sometimes it`s just wonderful to be on this planet, to grow to love, have good friends around, to be music,and help create the clan of the sensitive ones, people who can feel!“

Arianna Benedetta Artioli

She is a life student and a teacher of Hatha and Anukalana Yoga. In the „Learning Love Training“ with Krishnananda and Amana she deepened her passion working on the inner child and emotional wounds. She holds wisdom in hawaiian chants, sacred dances, ower remedies and empathic communication. She offers individual sessions of life coaching through Bach owers, to empower, support healing and transformation.

From her heart she comments:
„It’s such a blessing to share this awakening journey with my beloved and hold space for people to blossom while singing and enjoying life together“

Information about the work: www.feelingsound.com

Anmeldung und Organisatorisches:

Cornelia Jecklin, cornelia@corneliajecklin.ch, Tel: +41(0) 9046257


7. December 2018 / 20:00
9. December 2018 / 17:00


Cornelia Jecklin